News and Updates

  • Innotek Line Card

    You can view and down­load our line card now. You have the option to sim­ply visit the page, or if you choose, down­load a copy.

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  • Hydac Tech News

    New List of cer­ti­fi­ca­tions avail­able for Hydac low pres­sure inline duplex filters.

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    From Hydac tech news, comes new opti­mized Duplex inline fil­ters. They come in mul­ti­ple sizes in order to meet your prod­uct needs.

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  • Zinga Indus­tries Inc.

    TBN 310 Direct inter­change reser­voir breather

    • 3 Micron air filtration
    • Easy instal­la­tion

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    SLF 2-​N return line tank top filter

    • Screw on top for easy ele­ment access

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  • New Hydac RFMP

    Known for its strength. Com­pact and Light­weight. Uni­body and has no bracket.

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    MFX Fil­ter

    Great Cost-​Effective solu­tion from Hydac

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  • Series MH1

    Bosch Rexroth parts release.

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    High-​Dynamic EP

    With an extremely com­pact design and high per­for­mance, the ED02 pro­vides opti­mum solu­tions for pneu­matic control.

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  • Hydac HMG 3010 Series

    Portable Data Recorder and Diag­nos­tic Sys­tem with all new func­tions

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    Hydac Bypass Fil­ter End Cap Redesign

    • One Piece End Cap (Same Part Numbers
    • Now With­out Bypass Valve

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  • Chicago’s Thrilling new fea­ture

    360 CHICAGO is proud to present TILT — The thrilling new fea­ture that will for­ever change the way vis­i­tors see Chicago

Wel­come to Innotek

Innotek Cor­po­ra­tion will main­tain its lead­er­ship in pro­vid­ing qual­ity fluid power and related com­po­nents, sys­tems and service

I. We will con­tinue to max­i­mize value to our cus­tomers, in a man­ner that exceed their expectation.

II. We will pro­vide a cor­po­rate cul­ture that pro­motes a sense of pur­pose and accom­plish­ment for our employees.

III. We will sus­tain growth and prof­itabil­ity through the appli­ca­tion of state-​of-​the-​art tech­nol­ogy, while rec­og­niz­ing our cor­po­rate respon­si­bil­ity to the com­mu­nity and the environment.

We have been in the fluid power busi­ness for over 50 years now in the upper Mid­west. Hav­ing this expe­ri­ence with the indus­tries in this ter­ri­tory has helped to develop our orga­ni­za­tion into a leader of motion con­trol applications.

Our prod­uct offer­ings are sim­ply the best avail­able in the indus­try. With a rela­tion­ship of over 30 years with most of our ven­dors, we have the back­ground and expe­ri­ence to sup­port your fluid power needs.